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Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz (2007)

Part Three of The Power of Five

By now we have gleaned some of what we need to know about the Old Ones. They are older than time itself. They are evil. And they are locked into a safe place: a kind of prison. But there are gates in the secret places of the world, through which the Old Ones can pass when the time is right.

Can anyone or anything hold the Old Ones back? Yes, the Five can:

'This much I can tell you. There have to be five of them. It's only when they come together that they have the strength to be a danger to us. On their own, they are powerless.

And now Matt knows for sure that he is one of the Five. And he has succeeded in finding Pedro, the second of the Five. But he also knows that they have failed to prevent the Peru gate from opening. Now the Old Ones are abroad in the world, and great evil is gathering.

So now the race is on. Matt knows he is looking for two boys and a girl, to complete the Power of Five. But he isn't the only one looking. His enemies are also looking. Those who are in thrall to the Old Ones. They are looking too. And they have found Jamie and Scott Tyler. Telepathic twins.

Actually, they have kidnapped Scott, but Jamie escaped. Are the twins part of the Power of Five? Can Jamie rescue Scott? Can the Five find each other in time to fight against the Old Ones?

Gripping stuff. A great read!

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