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Sure Fire by Jack Higgins with Justin Richards (2007)

What if, you wake up one morning and discover that you actually do in fact have a father, and he works for the Security Services? And he tends to bring his work home with him. And some of his assignments are untidy, with dead bodies scattered about the place... And you are expected to move in to live with him. Think you could cope?

Of course, it helps if there are two of you.

Meet Jade and Rich Chance, 15 year old twins. I think they must take after their father:

A bullet ripped into the wall of the hall as Rich and Jade ran for the front door. A second later, a deafening burst of automatic fire stitched a line of holes after them.
The front door was a shattered mess of wood. The hinges were twisted and broken. Rich and Jade pushed through, and Rich felt the sharp wood catch on his trousers. He didn't slow down.
'The lift!' he yelled at Jade.
'Too slow,' she yelled back. 'Stairs.'
She was right - the elevator wasn't there, and they didn't have time to wait for it. Dust and splinters were kicking up at Rich's feet, and he realised with shock that bullets were smacking into the floorboards. Rich hurled himself down the stairs, holding tight to Jade's hand.

Now, once they've ducked the bullets and paused for a breather under cover, they have options, don't they? They can either keep their heads down and leave it to the professionals...or they can help their Dad out. He is, after all, in a sticky position:

Jade started across the yard, but Rich grabbed her arm. 'No!' There's nothing we can do,' he said. 'They've got guns - look.'
The two newcomers had handguns levelled at Chance, who put his arms up in surrender.

Can the twins do anything to help? You bet they can. Actually, they're so useful, I'm not sure how John Chance ever managed to save the world without them.

If you like an action-packed adventure, this is the book for you. It's a quick read because you won't be able to put it down until it's finished. Excellent stuff!

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