About YAKBooks/Readingmatters

Hello world! These are my musings about books and ideas for intelligent young readers who are wondering what to read next. I started this site as ‘readingmatters’ in the year 2000. Crikey! that means that it's been going longer than Wikipedia (started in 2001) or Facebook (2004). (YouTube only started in 2005, Twitter in 2006, and Instagram in 2010.)

Readingmatters was a good name – so good that lots and lots of other people used it and it ceased to have any meaning. So I changed the name to YAKBooks: Young Adult and Kids’ Books, but it's the same site, with the same detailed and personal reviews. I always read a book from cover to cover before reviewing it. Then I give my honest views and link it into the wider world of children's books.

All the books on this site are good, but they are very different. That's why I have lists and a Bookchooser to help you decide.

I don't have reader feedback on the site at the moment. The volume of comments from all over the world just got too big to manage. But I would be happy to hear from you by email, or you could use Twitter.

I love to receive review copies, but I prefer printed books rather than e-books and definitely not pre-publication proofs.

Happy reading!



You can contact me at: feedback18@yakbooks.com


I believe strongly in respecting people's privacy. This website doesn't seek out personal information. It doesn't place cookies on your computer and it doesn't try to track you. It keeps a record of pages requested and IP addresses so we can see how the site is being used, but that's unlikely to reveal any personal information. If you do give us personal information, for example by contacting us, we will not disclose it to anyone else unless we have to by law. We definitely will not send out spam email messages or allow anyone else to.