Book lists

Here I have gathered together books with a similar theme. So, if you enjoyed Harry Potter, there is a list of other books with a theme of magic.

Books with a touch of magic

Magic comes in a range of strengths. There are a lot of books around like Harry Potter for those of you who want something similar ...

Books about hauntings

Ghoulies, ghosties, things that go bump in the night ...

Horror stories

Are you ready to be scared ... ?

Time travel books

Time travel can be very exciting, even if you are only going to play with some new friends. But who do they think they are playing with?

Books set in the future

The thing about fantasy is that it has to be set somewhere. If you don't want to set it in the present world, then the future is as good a place as any to hide it. And because it is fantasy, everyone's view of the future is totally different.

Books set in the past

Did you ever wish you could travel back in time? Here's how to do it, from the safety of your own armchair!

Adventure books

What is an adventure? I put books in this list if the action of the story is the result of a deliberate decision to go off and do something.

Real life books

This section covers a huge range of material. It covers children behaving badly, bullying etc, or quite ordinary children caught up in real events which are too big to handle.

Funny books

Sometimes the funniest remarks you come across in books are made in quite serious situations when someone, perhaps you, just sees the lighter side of life

Animal books

Reading a good book about animals can be like watching a good documentary. You get to see them really close up.