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Sharp Shot by Jack Higgins with Justin Richards (2009)

Have you met the Chance twins before? Jade and Rich. They're 15 years old. And they live with their Dad, John Chance, who is a secret agent. Actually, they haven't lived with him for very long, but they've already learned that his past life is likely to resurface at any time.

This time the action takes the Chance twins out to the deserts of Iraq where something was buried, twenty years ago. Buried but not forgotten. Now one of John Chance's former SAS team wants it back, and is prepared to go to any length to get it, including murder and kidnap:

'So here's the proposition: the statue in return for your daughter. Sounds like a good deal to me, John. Why don't I call back in one hour and you can tell me where it is, and I'll put Jade on a plane back home? Or something.'

There's a lot to do then. John Chance needs his daughter back, and he has to work out just what is so special about that statue. After all, it hardly seems valuable enough to go to so much trouble...

Another brilliant adventure. See if you can keep up with the Chance twins as they race to uncover a deadly, devastating plot with international implications.

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