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Corby Flood by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (2005)

Far Flung Adventures

Corby is on board the SS Euphonia, Empress of the Seas, en route for her new school in Harbour Heights. And on board with her are her four energetic older brothers, her enchanting older sister Serena, her mother and recently disappointed father, and several rather pressing mysteries. For instance, who or what is singing the strangely troubling saddest song? And if the five green bowler-hatted gentlemen are really clowns, why are they so frightening? Is there more to the occupant of cabin number 21 than meets the eye? And perhaps most inexplicable of all, what on earth does Corby's sister Serena see in the ingratiating first officer Lieutenant Jon-Jolyon Letchworth-Crisp?

Lucky for everyone that Corby Flood is on board. She can pretty much keep up with events with nothing more than her battered copy of Hoffendinck's Guide and the pencil that dangles on a piece of string around her neck, though it isn't always easy:

She set off along the deck towards the stairs to the cargo hold, trying to make as little noise as possible - although that was difficult, she realized, when you're dressed up as a bumblebee and your paper wings rustle.

I must say, I loved Corby Flood. Intrepid she may be, but there are limits:

It was the worst possible thing that could have happened. She'd crept out of the lifeboat as soon as the Brotherhood of Clowns had gone, her heart thumping, and rushed back to the safety of her parents' cabin. She hadn't wanted to say anything, but her mother had taken one look at her ashen face and trembling hands and insisted that she tell her the whole story.

Well, thank goodness for mothers.

'But now they'll know that I was eavesdropping!' Corby protested.

If you want to join in the drama, you'll have to eavesdrop too. Read the book. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Lots of happy ever after.

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