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Something's Fishy, Hazel Green by Odo Hirsch (2000)

There's been a theft! Someone has stolen two lobsters out of the fishmonger's tank. They weren't just any old lobsters. They were enormous, prize specimens. They were Mr Petrusca, the fishmonger's, pride and joy, but even so Hazel Green is still a bit mystified as to why Mr Petrusca is so upset by their loss.

As you will know, if you have met Hazel Green before, she has a heart of gold. Hazel doesn't like anyone to be unhappy, and if anyone can fix it for Mr Petrusca, Hazel can.

But here she needs the help of her mathematician friend, the Yak. No, he isn't a yak, he is the Yak, Yakov Plonsk. She needs his help because he can solve the coded message which was left behind on the tank when Mr Petrusca's lobsters were stolen:

Hazel took the note out of her pocket and handed it to the Yak. The Yak glanced at it, and handed it back to Hazel.
'Read it.'
'Go on, just read it.'
Hazel shrugged. She began to read.
'Jen xluvxv cuivw su'yo spicuz ein koju,
A ohzovw pawu (kex xc o slapnun).
Ax'p gpoov qe qo xlo ero xe xpoju -
Xlo Japlqir eb Vukezk, Suqvipgo! ...'
By the time she was finished the Yak had collapsed in his chair, his face was scrunched, his legs were kicking, and his sides were splitting with laughter.
What's so funny?' demanded Hazel. 'What does it mean?'
The Yak shrugged, gasping. 'I don't know. You sounded so ridiculous ... I just had to hear you read it.'

It's a gentle story with lots of fun. Read it - I think you'll love it!

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