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The Chosen One by Mark Robson (2003)

Here is the action-packed climax to the story of Calvyn and how he fulfils the predictions of the Oracles of Drehboor:

He shall wield the Keys of the World to determine its fate, and though the faithful may clear the way, only the Chosen One shall walk the final road.

If you have been following this epic saga you will know that Calvyn has risen rapidly through the ranks of Baron Keevan's army and we now find him elevated to Knight of the Realm, in service to King Malo as adviser on all things magic. Not only that, he is also an acolyte in the Academy of Magicians, training more formally in matters that Perdimmon introduced Calvyn to much earlier in his career.

But Calvyn's enemies are closing in around him. His old friend Bek still stalks him, sworn to revenge for the death of Jez who died in the arena. High Lord Vallaine, Sorcerer Lord of the Inner Eye, still seeks Calvyn's destruction. And Calvyn is still bound to help his old master Perdimmon to find his old enemy Selkor.

Actually, Selkor is the most pressing problem. He has managed to acquire the three Keys to the three elements of air, water and fire, by tricking the rightful Warders of the Keys. The only key that remains is the Earth Key, which Perdimmon holds as the rightful Warder. Selkor is determined to make himself the Chosen One.

But who is to be the Chosen One? Can Selkor make himself the Chosen One, or might Calvyn be the instrument? Certainly, if he needs faithful to clear the way, Calvyn can count on many friends to help him as he sallies forth in the team of magicians and warders to confront Selkor. For Jenna is there with him, carefully nurturing the new love between them. And the irascible Sergeant Derra, Fesha and Eloise. And if Bek is also present at the end of the matter, I'll leave it to you to see what part he has to play ...

This is an enjoyable series of books, full of drama and camaraderie, giving an insight into the working mind and unflinching loyalty of the soldier.

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