Philip Reeve

These are the books by Philip Reeve that are reviewed on this site:

Mortal Engines

It's a town eat town world. The great traction city of London is prowling round the Great Hunting Ground looking for prey. But, if London hopes to use re-created weapons of mass destruction in its bid for superiority, then London must expect to have enemies - Tom, Third Class Apprentice of the Guild of Historians, and the dreadfully disfigured Hester Shaw, for a start . . .

Predator's Gold

Compelling sequel to Mortal Engines. Love, jealousy, betrayal, anger, loyalty and bravery. Brilliant!


Gorgeous interstellar express trains criss-cross the universe whisking small-time thief Zen Starling off on a little errand. Well, it’s not a big job, but it does have mega consequences.

Black Light Express

Zen Starling crosses into the void with Nova, the love of his life. Does he live happily ever after, or would he rather come home after all? Interstellar adventure.