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Lady Daisy by Dick King-Smith (1992)

You might think this talking Victorian doll, Lady Daisy Chain, has fallen into the wrong hands when she is found by a boy in his grandmother's box room. But Ned proves to be well up to the task of looking after her and introducing her to modern life. She has a lot to catch up on, like televisions and cars and modern schoolrooms, and Ned has a lot to learn about the Victorians for his school project.

But when you have a talking doll you really have to be on your toes. Lady Daisy is mistaken for a football by a playful puppy. She is the subject of a great deal of interest by a sinister antiques dealer. She is abducted by the school bully who thinks it is extremely funny that Ned should have a dolly. And on top of all that Ned's father is a little worried that his son has brought a doll back from his grandmother's house. Surely it should have been football boots in that box?

This is a charming story about a magic doll. I think you will really enjoy it and I think you will be glad to see who gets the doll next after Ned ...

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