Jacqueline Wilson

These are the books by Jacqueline Wilson that are reviewed on this site:

Dustbin Baby

April has nothing to link herself with her real mother, not even her name. The only way she can feel she is close to her mother is to work her way back through her early memories to the point when they were separated. On her fourteenth birthday she finds herself standing in the dustbin alley, where it all began . . .


You need a friend, to tell all your secrets to. And to help you keep a big secret . . .

Lola Rose

The bitter-sweet end of family life, seen through the eyes of Jayni.


Violet learns how to stand up for herself.

Best Friends

Can Gemma and Alice's friendship survive their separation? Another Jacqueline Wilson special.

The Diamond Girls

The Diamond Girls need someone with a heart of gold more than they realize...