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Temmi and the Frost Dragon by Stephen Elboz (2002)

Here's Temmi again - and that cuddliest of fluffy, white flying bears, Cush! His wings are feathered, but the rest of him is snow white fur. And he's still only a baby. He follows Temmi everywhere, even down into the goblin halls.

What is Temmi doing in the goblin halls? Well, do you remember the Princess Agna, rescued from the palace of the Witch-Queen in Temmi and the Flying Bears? She lives quietly in Temmi's village now, but she did bring a rather precious jewel with her, when she came away from the Ice Castle. She calls it Icicle, but unfortunately, it carries a dragon's curse with it, which is hanging over their village. If a jewel is stolen from a dragon's hoard, the thief is cursed, unless the jewel be returned, you see.

I don't think Temmi and Agna would have realized how close their village was to ruin from the massing trolls and goblins, if it had not been for the wizard, Ollimun Nub:

He, the stranger, this Ollimun Nubb, was a big shaggy man, his cloak made out of patches of different furs and skins, the faded embroidery on his gown coming undone. Around his middle was a broad belt, and hanging from this on strings, ribbons, or strips of leather, they noticed a variety of eye-catching objects. Bones, and stones with perfectly round holes in them, and tiny bottles woven around in wicker, and bunches of dried herbs, and knobbly roots and little silk printed bags, as well as plain pouches for more everyday items like needles and handkerchiefs and crusts of bread.

He's an excellent wizard, and an excellent companion to have if you are about to set off on a great and desperate adventure to a dragon mountain to return a precious jewel, a dragon's lodestone.

So, it's over to you. If Temmi and Agna dare go, I'm sure you dare read about it.

One thing I do have to say, if you are familiar with the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the wizard Gandalf in The Hobbit, you may spot some echoes. But to be fair, once you have met a real, genuine wizard, and goblins and learned the habits of dragons I think you would know them anywhere.

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