Stephen Elboz

These are the books by Stephen Elboz that are reviewed on this site:

Temmi and the Flying Bears

Cuddly flying bear is kidnapped by the wicked Witch-Queen's men and taken back to her Ice Castle. Temmi follows on behind determined to rescue.

The Tower at Moonville

It's difficult to be a Good Boy if you are under the thumb of your really wicked uncle. Nathan Wheatear prefers not to spend his life as a rat catcher.

The House of Rats

When the master disappears, there are plenty of others who would like to take his place as head of the huge, old house. What can the children do about it?

Temmi and the Frost Dragon

Well, yes, that cuddly flying bear does cause some of the problems, but he helps solve them too . . .

A Handful of Magic

Kit the magician and his friend, Prince Henry, sneak out at night on Kit's flying carpet in search of adventure . . . and find it!