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Stung by Joss Stirling (2015)

Part Two of the Struck (Young Detective Agency) Series

Not enough stress and excitement in your life? Try this...

Kate, slim and lovely, slightly frail even, has nerves of steel, which she needs because when you are out on a mission, training only takes you so far. The rest you have to make up as you go along. It was a tough mission, up against the human trafficking ring called the Scorpions in Jakarta. But Kate was double crossed by her partner and framed for murder, and that's where this story really begins.

One year on Kate is still alive and has found her way back to England, but the Scorpions still seem to be tracking her ruthlessly. Now why would they bother to track her once she has left Indonesia? How do they track her so effectively? And, worst of all, was her mission compromised from the very outset by a spy back at home headquarters?

Nathan is sent to bring her in. He can do that. He trained with Kate. He knows her. And he's got something to prove. It's just that when he handcuffs himself to Kate to stop her running off again, there's a sudden surge of unscheduled body chemistry between them. So it looks like they're a team, assuming Kate can persuade Nathan that there really is a mole at his beloved Young Detective Agency.

There's a lot to do to stay alive.

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