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Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer (2005)

Part four of the Artemis Fowl series

More improbable doings from Artemis Fowl and his fairy friend, Holly Short.

Their arch enemy, Opal Koboi, newly awoken from a self-induced coma, has sworn to take her revenge against the pair of them. Unfortunately for Artemis, he can't remember anything about Opal, or Holly for that matter, since he was compelled to submit to a fairy mind-wipe after his last encounter with the People. And things aren't too good for Captain Holly either. She is on the run, suspected of the murder of her friend and superior, Commander Julius Root.

So there's a lot to do then. And Holly can't do it all on her own, even if she is arguably the most effective officer in the Lower Elements Police. She needs Artemis. She needs his pure genius to help outwit Opal:

All this was slightly confusing. Even for a genius. Artemis crossed his legs in the lotus position, resting his temples against pointed fingers.
'You had better tell me everything,' he said, closing his eyes. 'From the beginning. And leave nothing out.'

Of course, neither of them could really pull this particular venture off if it weren't for the underground resistance work of kleptomaniac dwarf Mulch Diggums:

Mulch shook the manacles that shackled him to a rail in the holding area. 'I won't be wearing these for long.'

Good thing, too.

Another book full of fun, technical wizardry, flatulence and courage and loyalty in dark moments. A light read. Love it.

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