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Harry and the Wrinklies by Alan Temperley (1997)

If you enjoyed reading Roald Dahl's books when you were a bit younger, I think you will love this story about Harry Barton.

Poor old Harry has an awful time as a sad little rich boy. His parents are always roaming round the world on holiday and leave him in the care of a beastly nanny who he calls Gestapo Lil, after the Nazi German secret state police. He is not particularly bothered, then, when his parents are killed in an accident, except that he wonders what is to become of him.

Alas, he is shipped off to a couple of great aunts in the country. And here the adventure really starts. For his aunts and their friends may be old but they lead a riotous life climbing trees, whizzing around in fast cars, wrestling and other fantastic exploits. Harry settles into a dream life at Lagg Hall. He has his own bedroom at the top of a tower. He has his own pet dog, Tangle. He is loved to bits by his new-found aunts and uncles, and he plays all day long in the grounds of Lagg Hall, exploring the woods, swimming in the lake and generally getting grubby.

But Harry, being a bright lad, soon discovers that they have enemies. Their close neighbour, Colonel Beastly Priestley teams up with Gestapo Lil of all people, and a feud develops. Even worse, Harry overhears the plans that his aunts and their friends are making behind closed doors in the dead of night. No wonder they did not want him to discover their secrets!

What's to be done? You'll have to read the book to find out.

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