Book list

Horror stories

Some stories just set out to be a horror story, for the sole purpose of frightening you (see 'The Man Who Was Hate'), while others are really intended for other lists but also, incidentally, will frighten you to death and so find themselves in the horror list also (see The Scavenger's Tale).

Books for younger readers

The Dead of Winter by Chris Priestley

Haunted house. Or is it Michael himself who is being haunted?

Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley

Short stories of terror collected within a long story of terror. And quite surprisingly horrid.

Barnaby Grimes: Return of the Emerald Skull by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

More adventures with Barnaby Grimes as he runs errands across the city, through the alleys and over the rooftops. But there are dark forces to match himself against.

Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Quick-witted tick-tock boy meets wolf on rooftops. Disposes of same. Solves wicked mystery. Unsung hero.

Fearless by Tim Lott

Locked away for no reason. Stripped of name, shaved of hair, dressed in grey. Little Fearless fights against the injustice for herself and all the other girls who aren't so brave.

The Spook's Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

To be an apprenticespook Thomas Ward has to leave his old life behind him. And he has to sharpen up his wits too. But he's already well-equipped, being the seventh son of a seventh son...

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Gothic horror fantasy. Coraline's got a job on, saving her parents, and herself, from the witch.

The Dungeon by Lynne Reid Banks

'I am with you 'til you die'. Peony, the wretched slave girl, etches it into the dungeon wall, and finally, into McLennan's heart.

The Ghost Behind the Wall by Melvin Burgess

David roots around in the old service shafts of the flats where he lives, and disturbs something that would have been much better left alone.

Clockwork or All Wound Up by Philip Pullman

Do you think you can sell your soul to the Devil, and get away with it?

The Man Who Was Hate by Paul Shipton

Hope and Danny, locked in a block of flats, with a monster who only has to breathe on you to paralyze you. Destiny awaits . . .