David Almond

David Almond writes beautiful stories which start off in reality and end up in total fantasy, and the transition is so smooth you can't see the join.

These are the books by David Almond that are reviewed on this site:

Heaven Eyes

'Damaged' children escaping from the council home are cast ashore after a rough raft ride onto the oozing mud of The Middens. But who on earth is that living in the abandoned warehouse, and do they really dig up a saint out of the mud?

Kit's Wilderness

Haunting, introspective book about a local community's roots and the effect of past events on the present inhabitants. Do they all see ghosts or are they just in tune with each other?


What is this thing in the garage? It's the weirdest angel I've ever come across. But can it work miracles?

Secret Heart

When the last tiger left the circus his spirit stayed behind. Now, on the last day, when the very canvas of the tent is thin and frayed and starting to tear, who is strong and brave enough to lead the tiger back to the forest?

The Fire-Eaters

Another beautiful hymn to humanity from David Almond.