Michael Morpurgo

These are the books by Michael Morpurgo that are reviewed on this site:

Why the Whales Came

Not so much why the whales came as what happened when they did come. Old Birdman of Bryher turns out to be not so much a mad old coot, but a stalwart of the community.

Kensuke's Kingdom

Michael is washed up onto a lonely desert island, only to find it is already occupied . . .

The Wreck of the Zanzibar

Every day is a struggle for survival on the tiny island of Bryher in the Scilly Isles, but storms and wrecks can bring bounty as well as hardship.

Toro! Toro!

Antonio and his little bull calf caught up in the dreadful events of the Spanish Civil War.

The Last Wolf

Boy and wolf, befriended, escape the murderous English redcoats after the Jacobite Rebellion.